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An universal challenge

In the current deluge of writing and publishing, where our minds are tested for absorption, digestion and synthesis of information on a scale that goes beyond their supposed natural limits, today’s poetry can make sense only if it keeps intact and stubbornly cultivates the access to another logic, an Integral Logic. Let’s say, a logic at the same time sensitive, synthetic and visionary, which may allow us to enter into resonance, through the verbal magic, with our complete being, which is sensitive as well as emotional, biological as well as spiritual, rational as well as mystical. That is, another logic – trans-emotional and trans-rational – that favours a thinking both clear and diffuse, simultaneously precise and musically resonant with several layers of meaning, mutually contradictory and complementary. Briefly, a logic capable to make our thinking irradiating towards our inside and open to the cosmic assonances.

Poetry can remain interesting for the present human psyche inasmuch it gropes, by the scaffolding of fragile and yet effectives words, a new model of consciousness, a more lucid and at the same time a more embracing consciousness, enlarged at the scale of the planet and deepened to the level of the common archetypes of humanity. Because the future of a more complete human being is now only beginning.

Welcome , today is Sunday, May 31, 2020